Ecommerce Consultant Best Practices Released by APlus Net Solutions

December 31st, 2012

Ecommerce Projects are complicated in nature because they deal with the most strategic of investments for every company – the Online Store – Aplus Net Solutions gives you the key steps to ensure your Ecommerce consultants delivers success.

Ecommerce Projects are complicated in nature because they deal with the most strategic of investments for every company – the Online Store.  But it doesn’t stop there – the Online Store has to integrate with the Back-end systems – Accounting, Fulfillment, etc.  And when you begin talking to Ecommerce software vendors they conveniently leave the integration of these other systems to you – this is why you want an experienced Web Development Consultant managing your Ecommerce Project.  Lastly, why have an Online Store if your products aren’t going to be found in the Search Engines.  You must choose a consultant that will ensure your vendors deliver the Rankings and Traffic to maximize the Online Store investment.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 1 – Define Business Objectives

The Ecommerce Consultants must ensure the project has well defined business objectives such as:

  • Open New Channels of Revenue
  • Increase Average Order Values
  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs
  • Increase Client Retention
  • Increase Profit by Reducing Order Entry Errors and Re-keying of data


Ecommerce Consultant Job 2 – Software Selection Process

The consultant must manage the software selection process to meet your business Online objectives and help you understand what type of Back-end Integration plan will be required.  They must consider – size of store, complexity of products lines, degree of customization required, systems integration required, in-house resources available and many more factors.  All of these factors feed the criteria that will drive the final decision on the best possible fit for Ecommerce Software.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 3 – Supplier Selection Process

With the Software Selected the consultant must then move to Supplier Selection – there are over 1 million companies that tout Ecommerce development – the consultant must help narrow those choices and help vet the right fit for your project.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 4 – Project Cost and Requirements Confirmation

The deliverable at the end of this project phase must include the completed Development Plan Document describing the delivered functionality of each section of the site and must include a not-to-exceed project estimate and a detailed production timeline.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 5 – Design Development

During the Technical Design Document Phase of the site, the consultant must ensure the vendor produces, in accordance to the Development Document, a site map and the primary template pages necessary to describe the functional sections of the site.

The deliverable for this phase of the project must be all of the agreed Design Page Layouts and must require Client approval before proceeding.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 6 – Development Phase

During the Development Phase of the project the vendors will perform the bulk of the development of the site however the consultant must ensure the deliverable for this phase of the project will be a staging version of the site posted on a password protected development server for evaluation testing.


Ecommerce Consultant Job 7 – Testing Phase

The Testing Phase must consist of a set of testing scenarios that are pre-defined and agreed.  This will help to ensure Site Functionality is working. This phrase must also include any additional testing, and making any last minute corrections and additions to the site.

Ecommerce Consultant Job 8 – Delivery of Final Site and Go-Live

During the Delivery Phase of the project the consultant must ensure the vendor provides adequate assistance and training to implement the live version of the site.

At the end of the day all of these steps must be completed to ensure the Project actually delivers the business objectives that have been outlined – as the business owner you should expect no less!

Your Blog can be your best SEO Friend!

September 11th, 2012

The most successful element of any SEO plan can be your Blog. Why – because if your Blog is configured correctly it is the easiest way to get highly relevant content updated on your Website without having to add whole new pages!

How do your know if you Blog is configured in a Search Engine friendly way – here are 3 ways:

  1. Each Blog post should generate a unique page name that you can put your search phrase into – ie.
  2. Can you create a link within the body of the Blog post to another page on your website – in-site linking is very important?
  3. Can you create separate Meta-tags for each Blog post?

It is important to work your target search phrases into the Blog Posts – that is what we help our clients do!  Ask us about any of our monthly SEO programs.

APlus Net Solutions has been selected to manage Online Marketing for Sperry Van Ness Resort Management in Las Vegas Nevada.

July 20th, 2012

APlus Net Solutions has been selected as the Online Marketing Firm for Sperry Van Ness Resort Management in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sperry Van Ness Resort Management represents individual investors, private equity groups, and institutional funds looking to purchase distressed properties at discount. They specialize in Trustee Services and buying properties through the Las Vegas trustee auctions. They specialize in property research and the extensive and expert knowledge of the local real estate market in Las Vegas Nevada. This is essential in Clark County where there can be anywhere from 200 to over 1,500 deeds auctioned each day.

Sperry Van Ness is evolving its Internet Marketing presence and has hired APlus Net Solutions to help with that strategy and execution. Robert Hasman said “The APlus team has a different approach in that they focus on our business results first without getting lost in all of the details that most Online Marketing Companies do – we look forward to working with them as we grow our Online Results”.
Results Driven Online Marketing

APlus Net Solutions implements a comprehensive strategy that starts with the knowledge that Online Advertising is but one of the elements of Online Marketing that need be addressed. The power of Online Advertising is that when used in a thoughtful and purposeful way the information can directly drive improvements in the Search Engine Rankings also. This matters because more than 60% of all research starts with Search Engines.

“Online Marketing is first about determining the phrases consumers or businesses are using to find a company’s product or service – then Analyzing the existing Website for that alignment”, says Larry Patrick Owner APlus Net Solutions. Every proposal starts with analysis of a clients existing Internet Presence. This analysis almost always shows that the clients Website is being found for all manner of phrases for versions of their name but not as much for their products and/or services. That is where the Online Marketing will not only pay for itself on a Cost per Lead basis but feeds the SEO strategy for Organic results.

Larry Patrick says “We are committed to improving the profitability of our customers through the use of leading-edge Internet technologies.”

APlus Net Solutions a National Internet Marketing Firm announces expanded their long standing relationship with Pipeline Skid Service

November 16th, 2011

APlus Net Solutions a National Internet Marketing Firm announces they will be expanding their long standing relationship with Pipeline Skid Service. Pipeline Skid Service is one of the top National Suppliers of Pipeline Skids & Hardwood Crane Mats. Owner Bob Malson said “we’ve got over 50 years experience helping our clients and we have been in this business since 1953”. Their focus is to accommodate their customers with premium products, fast accurate delivery and competitive pricing. Pipeline Skid manager Tim Rogan said “We have been with APlus Net Solutions for many years and have enjoyed great success using their Internet Marketing services – so expanding that relationship was an easy decision”.

Internet Marketing that Delivers Results

APlus Net Solutions has managed the Search Engine Marketing for Pipeline Skid for many years and has done so on a National basis. After redesigning the Website several years ago and implementing advanced Internet Marketing advertising Pipeline Skid is now upgrading to the next level of Search Engine Optimization services. This decision is possible because APlus has a comprehensive understanding of the exact phrases that the SEO process should focus on for maximum results.

APlus Net Solutions utilizes a combination of proven techniques, advanced technology and a network of technical and creative specialists all focused on delivering effective Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing services. Owner Larry Patrick said “We are passionate about providing our clients with value for their financial investment in effective Internet Marketing and the best possible quality customer service”.

Another Large Client Chooses APlus Net Solutions for Social Media Marketing

October 15th, 2011

APlus Net Solutions announces that Gates Circle in Western New York has selected them for implementation of their comprehensive Social Media Marketing plan.

Established in 1939 Gates Circle Wines and Liquor have remained in the heart of Buffalo as a family business for over 60 years. After considering many options, they choose APlus Net Solutions for their Social Media Marketing because of their very different approach. Lesle Heubach said “We started out just looking for ways to simplify our Facebook updating process – APlus has opened up our thinking to a much broader opportunity”.

Results Driven Social Media Marketing APlus Net Solutions implements a comprehensive strategy that starts with the knowledge that Social Media is but one of the elements of Internet Marketing that need be addressed. The power of Social Media is that when used in a thoughtful and purposeful way there can be improvements in the Search Engine Rankings also. This matters because more than 60% of all research starts with Search Engines.

Internet Marketing is first about determining the phrases consumers or businesses are using to find a company’s product or service – then Analyzing the existing Website and Social Media for that alignment”, says Larry Patrick Owner APlus Net Solutions. Every proposal starts with analysis of a clients existing Internet Presence. This analysis for Gates Circle showed that their Website was being found for all manner of “liquor” phrases but not much for “wines”. Additionally, they utilize the latest Social Media technologies that allow the business to amplify the effect of Content Updates using “write once” then “post everywhere” solution.

The Gates Circle solution will be the implementation of the latest in Blog technology for their Website that allows the team to post to the Blog and have the content “pushed” to Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media destinations. “The most important step though is designing the Content Push strategy with the target phrases in mind and measuring the results”, says Larry Patrick.

For a full view of the Press Release click here.

Internet Marketing Firm APlus Leverages Mobile Text Marketing

April 23rd, 2011

As a National Internet Marketing Firm APlus Net Solutions has many tools in its arsenal.  On Friday April 22nd,  APlus launched a Mobile Text Marketing campaign for one their Restaurant Group clients in Texas.

Why Mobile

The client approached APlus Net Solutions with the objective of helping them increase in-store sales for their traditionally slow periods – the first of which is the week after Easter.

APlus Net Solutions performed special analysis of the Web Analytics data that showed the client that over 20% of their current Web Traffic was coming from Mobile Devices.   This translates into over a significant number of customers per month that have Mobile Phones!

With response rates of over 70% Mobile Text Marketing was a perfect fit for this client.  By gaining access to their customers Mobile Phones the restaurant could now begin pushing timely specials to target the down periods.

APlus worked with the client to develop a special sign-up offer and configure the Text Message campaign platform.  The Text Message special offers were then posted on the Website, Facebook and Twitter.


Within Hours of opening the specials customers had already begun registering – the next step will be to run the special Text Message registration on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week – April 26th and April 27th – stay tuned!

Internet Marketing Strategy For New and Existing Websites

April 18th, 2011

Having an Internet Marketing Strategy is crucial when building a new website or working with an existing website. Partnering with an ethical SEO firm whom deploys ‘best practices’ can be the difference between success and failure.

Online Marketing Agency A+ Net Solutions awarded Google Partner Status

November 10th, 2010

A+ Net Solutions has announced that it is one of only three Online Marketing firms to have been awarded the new Google Certified Partner status in the Buffalo and Western New York area. As a National Online Marketing Agency – this is another demonstration of their commitment to excellence and innovation.  See the Press Release here:

See more about our comprehensive PPC approach

Social Media Marketing

June 24th, 2010

Social Media Marketing = Good for your Internet Advertising ROI

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social networking sites can lead to more targeted traffic and qualified leads to your website.

Nielsen Online shows that:
Social networks and blogs are now the 4th most popular online activity ahead of personal email. Member communities are visited by 67% of the global online population. Time spent on these sites is growing at 3 times the overall internet rate, accounting for almost 10% of all internet time.1

You can make money with social media.

Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing:

  • High amounts of traffic
  • Low cost
  • Excellent source of links—this leads to link popularity for your site
  • Association with social media builds credibility
  • Bottom Line: Your website is more profitable

More and more of your customers–people who want your products and services–are logging in to networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the most popular social sites–plus Facebook is one of the most visited websites online today.

For you, it’s a chance to get your message in front of your main demographic. If you are targeting buyers ages 18-34, 50-75% of them are using social networking.

More Basic Facts:

  • YouTube is now near the top of the list of searches on the internet, second only to Google, and ahead of both Yahoo and Bing.
  • In March 2010, Facebook surpassed Google for traffic

A social media marketing strategy should be an important part of your marketing campaign.

But you have to use it correctly.  Otherwise you can spend hours or days working to build your presence, only to learn much later that no one saw you on the social site.  Let A+ Net Solutions help.  We are your internet marketing resource.

1 Neilsen Global Faces & Networked Places

Serving clients in:
San Antonio, TX | Dallas, TX | Austin, TX | Buffalo, NY | Rochester, NY | Amherst, NY

Good Website Design-Conversion Architecture

May 7th, 2010

Many companies have a website design that sends their visitors on an adventure. They must think their website is an exotic safari in which the adventurer is left to her own wits to cut her way through the jungle and find the treasure.

Adventures are fun. But adventures are not good business when it comes to the World Wide Web. You do not want to leave your visitor at the entrance to your website without any idea of where to go next. If you want that visitor to become a customer, you must guide them through your website.

This is called conversion architecture . Without it, your website may be pretty, it may be flashy but in all likelihood it won’t convert.

A website designed with conversion architecture will include the following guideposts:

  • Convince the prospect that your product is the perfect fit for his needs.
  • The prospect should be able to easily identify where to click to find his information.
  • There should be an obvious call-to-action once the prospect has decided he wants to buy or get more information.
  • This action should be an effortless method for the prospect to contact you.

The above list can be the road map of your website. When it’s time for business, make sure you guide your customers through your website. Save the adventures for the weekend.